A Little About our

job training program

Special Grower’s job training program offers employment to any disabled individual that has a positive attitude and desire to develop new skills. Our staff work year-round both in our outdoor gardens and indoor greenhouses performing jobs associated with the growing and harvesting of fresh herbs and flowers.

At Special Growers, we work to provide our employees with job skills like signing in upon arrival and departure, using hygiene skills by wearing gloves and masks, and safely using the proper tools for gardening and harvesting. We offer a very supportive environment, which allows our staff to work in the most independent manner possible.  Each job assignment is based upon employees' interest, ability, and opportunity for success. Our staff members are supported in their career decisions whether they choose to stay employed by Special Growers or seek employment elsewhere. With their newfound skills and confidence, and the addition of Special Growers on their resume, our staff members have the opportunity to thrive in our community.

school work study

Special Growers partners with the four local high schools to provide work study opportunities to many of their students in Special Education classes. Schools bring a group of their students to learn the skills associated with working in a commercial garden. Many of these students participate in this program for multiple years and then come to Special Growers for employment opportunities upon graduation. We are very proud of the success of our work study program and how it has prepared students for future employment opportunities.

Summer Work program

Each summer Special Growers offers a local work program developed for disabled individuals from 16 years of age and above. The only requirements are that summer staff have a positive attitude and a desire to work with others!

During the months of June and July, we employ a sizable disabled staff and employ local high school and college students as interns to provide support and assistance in various work activities. Being a Special Growers employee or intern has given many individuals the valuable experience and life skills they need to excel in a variety of different environments. We have had the pleasure of seeing some of our disabled summer staff go on to pursue higher education and employment in the community.
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