Zach's Birdhouses Inc.

Quality handmade birdhouses from the workshop of Zach McMurray, longtime staff member of Special Growers. Birdhouses are made for bluebirds, wrens and other small birds and come with hardware for hanging them up already fastened with easy-opening doors so owners can clean them after the houseguest leaves the nest.


Choose from several different pre-made deluxe birdhouse designs and select bird feeders or order a custom birdhouse. Whatever the design, Zach’s Birdhouses Inc. has a team of artists ready to paint your dream birdhouse.


Custom Birdhouse

Made to order. You choose the design, Zach and team bring it to life!


Deluxe Birdhouse

Choose from a selection of pre-made birdhouses designed with great artistic detail.


Select Bird Feeder

Pick from one of our exclusive bird feeder designs made by Zach and painted by Special Growers staff.

Meet Zach

“Just add wood and time.”

Zach has been making custom birdhouses from his workshop at his home since 2018 after studying a book on how to construct them. His parents, Steve and Sue McMurray, oversee much of Zach’s work and have noticed Zach has more self-confidence since starting this business venture.

Zach makes this hard work look easy. This fun project is something he is excited to share with others. When not busy in his workshop, Zach is a member of The Gate and employee of Special Growers. Zach also competes in state level Special Olympic weightlifting, where he’s earned three gold medals.